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From the Press

“Clearly beyond criticism: Tanja & Frida, two really fascinating fairy-tale creatures painting their wondrous body pictures in the air on the trapeze and the tissues. Their feat of strength floats effortlessly through space, light and unfettered. In the higher regions of the Friedrichsbau Variété they create a work of art that will eclipse everything with feet planted on the hard stage of reality until 24 January.”
Stuttgarter Zeitung

“The absolute pinnacle of Fabelhafte Frauen ('Fabulous Females'): the duo Tanja & Frida, two exceptionally imaginative artistes from young variété paint marvellous images and figures for us on the vertical tissues and the trapeze. These two truly dance between heaven and earth, far from run-of-the-mill mainstream music.”
Stuttgarter Nachrichten

“…And above all others the trapeze artistes 'Tanja & Frida', who enchant the audience with their performance as fairy-tale creatures of an underwater world – not only through virtuosity on the trapeze, but in particular due to their harmonious interaction. The costumes and the specially composed music with the voices of the artistes themselves accentuate the impression that you can never have enough of this duo.”
Wochenblatt Stuttgart

“Tanja & Frida, already familiar faces at the Chamäleon, flit through the entire show as elves, performing no less than three acts in the process. Hard to say which is the most stunning. When they hover over the stage draped in veils as in 'Danse Voltige'? When they whirl around each other on the trapeze as 'Neptunes', mermaids in scaly dress? No, they are most impressive on the vertical tissue – great folds of cloth hanging from the ceiling instead of ropes. The two artistes wrap themselves in these cloths so cleverly that one moment they are cocooned like caterpillars and the next they flutter like glorious butterflies.”
Berliner Zeitung   

“Diving in tissues:
“'Vertical tissue' is a rather lack-lustre name for the breathtaking art that Tanja & Frida command: each winds herself at rarefied heights into two great white folds of cloth, their only support – will they ever get out again? – only to plunge to the depths below. Of course they have wrapped themselves so no harm can befall them, but watching one can't help worrying on ther behalf.”
Die Welt, Berlin

Youtube Comments

Excellent music! Excellent choreography! This is by far the best trapeze act i have ever seen. Thank you for this. It made my day.

i agree, it is the most inspiring aerial i have ever seen. utterly creative and personal

I watched all of your videos and each act stands on it's own. Each is original, creative, and enchanting. You are true artists. Sehr, sehr schoen ihr beiden :)

salut d'un outre acrobate aérien
Salut Tanja et Frida. Bravo pour votre travail. Je connais votre travail depuis mes etudes a l'école de Cirque au Brésil et etait tout jour pour moi une tres belle reference par apport l'acrobacie aérienne. Suis tres content de vous rencontrer ici au youtube. Maintenant je travail avec Pierrot Bidon en France et suis heureux de pouvoir continuer a vivre dans l'art. Si vous avez un site internet je serais tres content de lui faire un link en mon site ( Je vous embrasse très fort et je souhaite pleine de santé et bonheur a vous Flavio Franciulli

Hi Tanja and Frida!
My name is Joanna McMenamin and I am an aerial artist. Vlad and I are big fans of yours. We saw you live at the Wintergarden in Berlin doing the Danse Voltige and have watched your other acts on Youtube. We are very impressed by the variety and originality of your performances.
Herzlichen Dank!
Joanna :)

I love NEPTUNA!!! Tanja and Frida are marvelous!!! I really the trapeze!!!

I saw you live at the Winter Garten in Berlin, and loved this act. The music and costumes are perfect. You girls are not just performing monkeys like so many artists, but REAL artists. All your acts are beautiful and original. I loved the 'flying' aspects of this act and am trying to do something similar with my new solo act on looped silks. You guys are great! Einfach super!