Tanja & Frida have been a company since 2006. Together with young, talented and dedicated artists they perform their acts worldwide.

Drawing: Martin Zimmermann
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Tanja Stolting is aerial acrobat and trainer.
Her interpretations are touching and characterized by professionality and sensuality.
Tanja celebrates her dance on trapeze and tissues with great enthusiasm and passion.
With her elegant aerial castles she lets emerge space for own imagery in the spectator.

She was educated at the school for performing arts Die Etage e.V. in Berlin, studied aerial acrobatics with the british company Skinning the Cat and at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque at Chalons sur Marne, France.

Her teachers were Joanis Tendas, Roma Hervida, Olivier Farge and Gerard Fasoli.

She is international award winner and tours around the world with the Company.

As educated dance pedagogue she teaches aerial acrobatics at Circus Cabuwazi Berlin.

Foto: Peter Petter
Photo: Peter Petter
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Friederike Krahl is responsible for directing, choreography and booking.
Besides this she conveys and coaches artists for the www.neptuna-netzwerk.de, works as trainer for aerial acrobatics and is Anti Gravity Yoga instructor at Aspria Berlin.

Frida received her education in acrobatics

and artistics at the School for Performing Arts,

Die Etage e.V. in Berlin, with Skinning the Cat in England and the CNAC in Châlons sur Marne , France.

From 2008 to 2014 she was teaching aerial acrobatics at Die Etage e.V.

 and was co- head of the artistic department from 2011 to 2013.

 Now she is working as free artist in various projects as coach and choreograph.

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Kaatie Akstinat shows the most aesthetic and vigorous facets of aerial acrobatics. Skilful and
passionate, Kaatie easily combines technically immaculate artistic with a certain feminine charm.
Weaving her body continually into endless loops which she entwines elegantly, effortlessly and intrepid,
she creates a graceful entanglement high above the audience.

With incredible agility , graceful dignity and aesthetic noblesse this artist enlivens the rather rigid object to an extremely graceful tangle above the heads of the spellbound audience.

Kaatie Akstinat completed her training in stage acrobatics and artistics at the School of Performing Arts Die Etage e.V. in Berlin and has been at home on the stages of the world ever since.

Tissues  Video Kaatie Tuch

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Linda Sander is performing tissue as well as solo and double trapeze, aerial hoop and rope.
The young artist is not only convincing through technical skills but by presence and charisma.
Her solo acts on the vertical rope and trapeze are characterized by obstinacy and personality.
With intense , rebellious , soulful performances she draws the audience into a spell.

Tanja and Frida met Linda at a Centre Talma dance performance and were fascinated by her determination.
She was trained and coached by them since and became a permanent member of Tanja & Frida Company.
In 2011 she completed her training in stage acrobatics and artistics at the School for Performing Arts Die Etage e.V. in Berlin.
As passionate aerialist she plays at corporate events, on the cruise ship "My Ship" (2012), in Varieté and is a member of the "Cirque Bouffon". Currently, Linda works primarily in Germany and developes further performances e.g. in collaboration with Sergei Sweschinski/ ContreCorde.
2013 Participation at the Circus Festival " Feux de la rampe" in Paris, Prix du conseil general de l' Essonne

Linda Sander Feux de la rampe

Linda Sander Cirque Bouffon

Photo: Francois Xavier Thiebeaud

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Born in Florida, USA Elizabeth Williams studied at the New York Conservatory of Dance classical and contemporary dance. She graduated with Cum Laude and BFA. Liz danced in New York for choreographers such as David Grenke, Howard Katz, Rebecca Hilton and Eric Schoeffer.
She started to train aerials with the Canadian Company “Caravan Stage”.

In Germany she performed in Varieté as Chamäleon (Berlin), Wintergarten (Berlin), Et Cetera (Bochum) and GOP (Hannover), in the musical Rocky Horror Show and the circus/ music show Balagan as well as on countless gala events. Besides all of this, Liz is certified Gyrotonic instructor.
Liz enriches again and again the company with her fascinating movement quality.
The special thing about Liz's work is the manner how she carries her dance into the air.
On aerial silk, chains and vertical rope she has no equal.

Tissues         Liz Williams Tuch

Chains          Liz Williams Aerial Chains

Rope            Liz Williams Vertikalseil 


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Delight in free fall : wild flight to bittersweet tango sounds on vertical rope and tissues. Susie Cute received her training acrobatics and artisic at the School of Performing Arts Die Etage e.V. in Berlin.
Performances with the vertical rope , partner trapeze and tissues, Susi is member of Tanja & Frida Company since 2006. Suzy's strength is her courage and dedication , no adventure is too heavy for her , not a task that she does´nt take into attack with ease.

"Sometimes it is enough to be alone
and thoughts learn to fly
And sometimes they take the body 
on a wild journey through time and space"

to the poetic sounds of violin by Hannes Schindler

Susi always finds new images of beauty and grace

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